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vet clinic design has reached a tipping point!

When it comes to great veterinary hospital design small is a mindset. Building small means that you care about conserving the resources you have, be it money, space, time, or energy. It is about building a hard-working tool, not a Taj Mahal. Making a facility that is as small as practical is key to the process. But even more importantly, it is about how you can make the expenditure of your resources small while making your return on investment big. 

Now more than ever it is critically important that your veterinary clinic design maximizes your effectiveness, minimizes your costs, and sets the stage for your success.  

Veterinarians can no longer afford to saddle themselves with inefficient, self-indulgent facilities that cost too much, and do too little. The competition is too tough for you to spend your money poorly. The corporate world is taking over the veterinary industry. 

Very soon the veterinary industry will be dominated by three kinds of corporate clinics: large high end clinics, large low cost clinics, and lastly large high end specialty/referral clinics. There won't be any room for small one and two doctor practices.

This is the elephant in the room that nobody is talking about.

In the future the only private practice that will prosper and grow will be the distinctive and unique, well run, and well positioned small private veterinary practice.


Dr. Robert Thomas, DVM, Middle Village, NY

"It's all in having the right clinic design. I've used Mark for the last four small hospitals I've built, and I'm glad I did. His plans have saved me time and money. If your are thinking of building, call Mark."

Building small is a state-of-mind.

In response to the elephant in the room I decided to have some fun so I sketched out a veterinary hospital design in an elephant. .

smaller can be better.

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