Your ability to move faster, to be smarter, to adapt and to innovate will carry your forward, even through economic downturns. 
Innovations isn't revolutionary, it is incremental, it is about identifying the challenges and pivoting to a new and fresh strategy.

With my extensive experience in the veterinary design world, this is what I can help you do. 

Individuals can innovate faster than corporations. 

"The veterinarians I have worked with over the last few years know the only veterinary practice that will prosper and grow will be the distinctive and unique, well run, and well positioned small private veterinary practice. Veterinary hospital design has to change. Build small, build better... build smarter."    Mark R. Hafen 

The solution I proposed then was to build smaller, but in fact that is not good enough, the answer now is to build not only smaller, but smarter.   

In the past few years I have genuinely enjoyed working with a range of veterinarians, from the young graduate doing their first start-up to the established veterinarian looking to rejuvenate their practice. What they all share is a "can do" spirit. Each one of them was looking for a way to reinvent how veterinarians practice medicine. They wanted to provide the best possible care. They also wanted to grow professionally and inspire and motivate their staff. Most importantly each and every one of them wanted to build a practice and a clinic that not just made them more money, but brought them a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. 

I count myself lucky that I was able to help them in their quest. 


I decided to have some fun, so I innovated... I sketched out a veterinary hospital design in an elephant, named Lucy.

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When I first launched smaller can be better three years ago  I was convinced

mark r. hafen, veterinary hospital design

smaller can be better.

vet clinic design had reached a tipping point!