"In the end if you want a better veterinary hospital design you have to step away from the status quo- you have to build smaller, and smarter." Mark R. Hafen

"No matter what size your project, a great veterinary clinic design is about making the most of the available space."

Mark R. Hafen

A veterinarian I recently visited chose to buy a small practice in a mountain town, and by a river. Maybe a clinic in a cabin isn't going to happen for you, but you can still build a MVP clinic. Hit the PRIORITIES button to learn more.

smaller can be better.

mark r. hafen, veterinary hospital design

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Building smaller/smarter gives you a better net. If you look around you can find small practices that are grossing in excess of a million dollars a year. And these same practices are netting significantly more per square foot than the big guys.

Building smaller/smarter means that you and your staff can work smarter, get more done, and still enjoy your day more..

Building smaller/smarter also means you can build a small niche practice located in a growing and vibrant urban center filled with millennials and their pets. Being smaller and smarter, you will have the added bonus of being able to find and fit in the odd-ball and undervalued lease space.

Small practices are where ambitious and savvy veterinarians are building the veterinary industry's future. Unburdened by corporate dogma veterinarians in privately held, small, unique, and innovative practices are discovering how the veterinary industry can instead of tipping over, invent a new a vibrant future.