The real Lucy in New Jersey, not a veterinary clinic, but it's fun to imagine the possibilities.

Lucy, the Vet Clinic

Snapshots from Past Projects

In Atlantic City, New Jersey, stands Lucy the Elephant, one of the more unique roadside attractions in the States. She was built in 1881 by James Lafferty who hoped the elephant would entice visitors to come and buy property in his seaside resort.

At six stories tall I thought she could make a dramatic veterinary clinic... standing-out head and shoulders (and trunk) above any competing veterinary clinics.

In her cranium is the waiting area, in her mid section- reception and in the bowels of her belly a single exam room, one station treatment area, surgery and x-ray. Upstairs in the "howdah" (the seat on top) the doctors office and team room would command far reaching views over the sands.

I doubt that Lucy the Vet Clinic will ever happen, but if I can get a clinic to fit in an elephant, who knows where else a clinic could fit.

smaller can be better.

mark r. hafen, veterinary hospital design

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