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mark r. hafen, veterinary hospital design

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I will produce schematic veterinary hospital floor plans for your proposed facility.

This drawing will be an accurate, to scale, veterinary hospital floor plan showing how your veterinary medical equipment, caging, and work stations can be brought together to create an effective, efficient facility. This drawing will also include overall building configuration, specific room layouts, furniture, furnishings, walls, doors and windows.

In addition I will provide you with: a listing of rooms as part of the initial programming process, a site plan showing the building and parking, a prototypical equipment schedule, and a handout detailing recommended materials and systems. 

The schematic plan along with the additional information I produce can then be given to your local architect, and/or contractor for development of the final drawings for the building, pricing, and permitting of your project.

I am excited to be a one-man design firm that will specialize only in producing outstanding veterinary hospital floor plans... mainly for small veterinary projects. I promise to work one-on-one to maximize the potential of any space. Specifically to wring the most productivity from small and challenging spaces.

"Having completed three projects with Mark we have repeatedly seen his uncanny ability to identify our most pressing needs, and then design a uniquely functional and efficient clinic for our use."

Dr. Dermot Jevens, Dipl ACVS, Upstate Veterinary Specialists, Greenville SC

West 58th Street Clinic, New York NY- an example of the detail (including medical equipment, caging, work stations, furniture and furnishings) typically included in the schematic Veterinary Hospital Floor Plan that I will produce for you.

In my past life I was a licensed architect, and a Founding Partner of Animal Arts Design Studios, specializing in the design of hundreds of veterinary facilities, ranging in size from 900 sf to 45,000 sf, across the United States, Canada and the World. Two dozen of them were Veterinary Economics Award Winners. Additionally I won three Clinic of the Year Awards for large specialty/referral facilities.

In retrospect however, many of the most rewarding projects were small... and that is what I want to do more of, i.e. work closely with veterinarians to produce great small veterinary hospital floor plans. 

I will be limiting my work to only the initial veterinary architecture and site design, along with project feasibility analysis. I will not be producing the Working Drawings. That's somebody else's job. My intent is to do only what I do well, for people I respect, and with whom I enjoy working.